Turning 3D printing inside out.


 Fire took the 100 year old farm house at Wild Things Petting Farm. Norman's place is special; the animals are not caged, but allowed to run free, and they don’t leave.

Without insurance rebuilding would be prohibitive, so a plan was developed to  reduce the major cost in construction, labor. Developing a robot to 3D  print a house, fireproof, energy efficient, & cost effective.

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Using two spinning  lasers with four inexpensive cameras to adjust actuators and guide the  robot, it can print a double wall building and have the walls straight and level even though the surface it’s moving on is not perfect. 

Water content of dry aggregate will be measured automatically and the correct amount added to get proper mix. The drive system is clocked in time with extrusion so each layer is consistent.

About us

We are a technical group in electronics; hardware, software, design, and building CNC equiptment such as "back gauges" for breakes and shears and "Cut to length" custom controlls for industrial manufacturers.