Dual drive motors! one on each side, tighter end to end bends, so eliminating the "TEETER TOTTER" effect of single drive

No center mechanism if doing large reverse bends

Separate motor/encoder & ball screw with dual ball nut and over 26 inch stoke, adjustable parallelism or die offset via keyboard and angle/taper offset on a per step basis for both side sides

Fixed end and mobile end for the gimbals mechanism attaching the back bar ,so allowing effective length change when the two motor drives are not set parallel

Encoder resolution .001"

Two flip fingers supplied

Custom toroid power transformer with large computer grade capacitors for motor drive power supply.

Reliable 8 bit CPU

FET motor drivers cards

RAM control relays (optional)

Console has 16 character alfa numeric backlit LCD display AND 40 key membrane keyboard with prompts in English

Beep for tactile feed back and when in position

Red/green LED when ready

Console is 9" x 9" x 2" and directly mounted to the face of the press break or shear

Imperial .001" or metric .01mm hot key.

8k programming memory, without limits in programs available, or steps available

Step control including cycles, retract, bend allowance, and pause if the next dimension is smaller & the operator needs a little time to remove a difficult piece programming for individual steps

GOTO key for single, non-programmed moves

Starting a job from any step

Axis switch key

Up/down parts counter display

Clock/timer display